N° 36 | Rouge


IAF Silk Wrap Skirts (With Phat Azz Appliers)
IAF Silk Sheer Tops (With Tango Appliers)
**Note: this is a non-mesh item
IAF Silk Sheer Tops w App & Wrap SKirts w Phat Azz 70L$ Each

{NanTra} Poses (#2)
{NanTra} Bombshell 70L$

available at Cosmo Sales Room:

Other items:

Finesmith – Grapa (Jewelry)
Boon SCO052 (hair)
Diktator Dare (shoes)
Pelle Smooth Black (eyeshadow)
Flirt Rawr (eyeliner)
Cliche fashion – Onyx Ring (left hand)
JK Style – gold ring (right hand)
IAF – key to my heart (tattoo)

Sl loc: Chicago 1920’s


Portishead – It Could Be Sweet


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